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Shareholders protection insurance

Protect the continuity of your business in the event of a shareholder death

In the event of company shareholder dying this policy allows for sufficient funds to be made available to the remaining directors to buy the shares. The shareholders agreement would ensure the shares would be made available for purchase on death.

Shareholder protection policies are usually set up in the following way,

  • Each director life of the company is insured with a sum assured equalling the value of their shares.
  • Place the life insuance policies in trust to insure any payout is made available to the remaining shareholders and not liable to any tax.
  • Set up a cross option agreement between the shareholders. This ensures that should the option be exercised the holder of the shares must sell them and the remaining directors must buy them.

The main risk of not having any shareholder protection is that the deceased shares will full into the hands of outside parties.