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How we work

We are happy to conduct our initial meeting at a place most conducive to you, the first two meetings will include the following agenda -

First meeting

  • Introduction

    free initial consultation to discuss circumstances and offer verbal proposals with Disclosure Documents. Opportunity to move forward from 1st step or arrange to contact for 2nd meeting.

  • Gathering Information – Our Fact Find Questionnaire
    • Ascertaining your Financial Goals and Needs
    • Ascertaining your Income/Outgoings and Budget
    • Ascertaining your Attitude to Risk (risk profile questionnaire Verbatim), Capacity for Loss and Knowledge and Experience of Investment.
    • Ascertaining where you are now and where you want to be in your financial circumstances
  • A time to summarise and reflect
  • Arrange second meeting
  • Arrange our next meeting after I have analysed your circumstances and researched suitable solutions to your goals and needs

Second meeting

  • Re-cap

    Summary of our last meeting and confirm all is still relevant and no changes have taken place.

    • Suitability Report (provided in advance together with a copy of the Key Features of the plan).
  • The Recommendation

    The Recommendation and how this fits your needs and Goals

    • Whole of Market Research
    • Fund Choice and how that fits with your Attitude to Risk Capacity for Loss and Knowledge and Experience of Investments
    • Checking that the recommendation suits your budget both now and in the foreseeable future
    • Features and Benefits and how this meets your needs and goals
    • Risk Warnings
    • Taxation Implications
    • Your right to cancel
  • Presentation of the Illustration
    • Guideline of figures but not guaranteed
    • Charges and Adviser Charge payable
  • Completion of the Proposal
    • Request for Anti Money Laundering Documentation
    • Documents to expect
  • Arrange our next review meeting.