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Our cost and service charter

What you can expect as a client of All Counties Financial Limited

Working with an Independent Financial Adviser can be an extremely rewarding and valuable experience for you and your family.

It is our aim to provide you with impartial, bespoke financial solutions, based upon a thorough understanding of your needs and objectives.

We passionately believe that by being committed to helping you make informed decisions about your money, we can deliver peace of mind together with the greatest chance of achieving your personal goals.

Our experience shows us that initial plans can often become outdated, we therefore offer a comprehensive ongoing review service designed to deliver real ongoing value for our clients.

Before either you or we commit to working together we are keen to outline the service level you can expect from us. This document is designed to do just that.

The service propositions available from All Counties Financial Limited and their differences are detailed in this document.

Irrespective of which level of service you select the quality of advice and service will not be compromised and will be conducted in an efficient, courteous and professional manner.

We feel you have a right to:

  • Objective advice
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Staff who are competent and courteous and act with integrity at all times
  • Staff who are professional and diligent
  • A transparent cost structure
  • A timely response to telephone calls and emails

We aim to deliver fully on all of the above points.

What you can do for us:

  • Respond promptly to our communication, where possible, and let us have the information we require, when we need it.
  • Communicate your views frankly, courteously, openly and let us know, as soon as possible, if anything is not as you would expect from us, or if our service falls below the standards that you would expect.

Our costs

  • As agreed with your financial adviser but no more than the maximum outlined in our Client Agreement.
  • We will invite you to agree to our service and fee proposal before making any commitment. Our full table of costs is as follows,-

Transactional service


his is an uncomplicated service for clients who recognise the need for expert advice, but do not require regular ongoing contact or advice.

This would typically involve the following,-

Core services

  • A focused financial review, including risk profiling
  • Financial analysis and transactional report in accordance with your risk tolerance
  • Liaison with provider until transaction is completed
  • All records maintained, updated and checked for accuracy
  • A statement or valuation supplied by the provider on an annual basis

Any further or ongoing advice would be chargeable at an agreed fee level, in writing beforehand.

Client benefits

Summarised as,-

  • Access to expertise for one off specific advice
  • Peace of mind – a financial transaction effected through a qualified individual


  • Initial focused financial review followed by product implementation – all costs will be set individually and agreed before proceeding.

Initial & ongoing service


A service for clients who wish to benefit from an initial and ongoing advice relationship.

An example is where someone has a number of investments and complex financial affairs.

This would typically involve the following,-

Core services

  • A complete review of your investments
  • Regular progress reviews, typically annually, six monthly or quarterly as agreed with your adviser
  • Financial analysis, including risk profiling
  • Design of a suitable investment portfolio in accordance with your investment risk tolerance
  • Portfolio valuations at time intervals agreed with your adviser
  • Suggested alterations to the investment portfolio, if deemed necessary, at review
  • Protection and pensions advice, with potential reviews as agreed with your adviser
  • Recommending suitable professionals as other needs arise
  • Design of a suitable investment portfolio in accordance with your investment risk tolerance
  • An aim to return phone calls and emails within 24 hours

Client benefits

Summarised as,-

  • Peace of mind – a trusted, qualified professional looking after your financial interests
  • Ongoing review of your investments with suggested alterations
  • Access to expertise and information
  • Clarity out of complexity – to be financially well organised


  • Initial financial review and ongoing forward planning service – all costs will be set individually and agreed before proceeding